What You'll Learn In This Course

We will begin with understanding the process of credit restoration, the current market value, and how to set up your legal structures for your business. You will learn the step by step process of how to effectively help your clients reach their personal financial goals.

Meet Your Instructor - Aquana Raffington

Aquana, aims to educate, uplift, and empower people from all walks of life. She has overcome major hardships, to become the successful Entrepreneur, CEO, and multi-business owner she is today building a better life for herself and her family in the process.

With her background in business management, an affinity for numbers, and her love of service to others, she turned her passion into profit as a life, finance, and business coach. She later used the profit from her coaching and consulting to fulfill her purpose of empowering other women to overcome their own hurdles and strive for their next level of excellence through her Organization, EASE.

She is a firm believer that those who have struggled through darkness must be a light for someone else’s darkness which is what drives her to ensure that people feel able and equipped to stand in their unique unapologetic truth.

Course Curriculum

Our credit division was created by a newly divorced mother who suffered from bad credit which stopped her from being able to obtain a decent home, reliable transportation and employment in her industry. With 4 Children at the time, no support system, and a need to survive. She was determined to learn all she could to restore her credit and better the opportunities for herself and her children. Through much trial and error, she successfully restored her credit, gained employment, a reliable vehicle & a safe place for her children to call home. Motivated by the outcome of her strategies coupled with her a determination to disrupt the financial injustice, happening amongst our community. The A-Team was founded, with a mission to instill financial literacy and accountability. We serve consumers and have grown to offer partnership opportunities for individuals looking to pave their way in the credit industry!

  • 1


    • The Basics

    • Market & Income Potential

    • Getting Legal

  • 2

    Module Two - Business Set-up

    • Your Business Setup

    • SMART Business Goals

  • 3

    Module Three - Your Processes

    • Getting Educated

    • Your Reports

    • Credit Strategies

  • 4

    Module Four - On Boarding

    • Client On-Boarding

    • Next Steps

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